We Make Tractors Smarter

TASAI Analyzes Fields and Plants in Less Than Blink of an Eyes

TASAI is a level-4 Autonomous Tractor Kit that helps the tractor and agricultural equipments to do its job in the field by inference from cameras images with AI softwares.

  • TASAI is applied to all tractors and equipments
  • 360 degree autonomous driving and traceability
  • Smart Weeding
  • Spot Spraying
  • Variable Rate Fertilisation

Tractors are Now Smarter


TASAI produces action by seeing with cameras and artificial intelligence softwares in post-planting spraying, weeding and fertilizing of green plants such as sugar beet, corn and sunflower in large-area agriculture.

  • In this way, TASAI reduces the chemical usage by 70%.
  • TASAI gives warning by recognizing the obstacles in front of the tractor.
  • TASAI provides optimal seed and fertilizer use.
  • TASAI saves fuel and time.
  • TASAI eliminates the need for skilled operators.

TASAI - Smart Weeding

TASAI - Autonomous Tractor Kit automates the manual weeding process by seeing the plant and the planting distance on the row with the help of cameras.


TASAI - Spot Spraying

TASAI - Autonomous Tractor Kit recognises and seperates plants and weeds by seeing them with cameras and performs spot spraying. Thus, TASAI reduces chemical use up to 70%.


TASAI - Variable Rate Fertilisation

TASAI - Autonomous Tractor Kit is integrated with the tractor and fertilizer machine, analyzes the data collected from the field with cameras and artificial intelligence softwares with the MOVE ON AgTech Cloud Platform and controls the tractor for optimal fertilization.