MOVE ON AgTech Cloud Platform

All Solutions Are One Click Away

MOVE ON AgTech Cloud Platform is a data-driven cloud computing solution developed with a focus on digitalisation solutions for sustainable and traceable agriculture with agricultural artificial intelligence and autonomy softwares.


Multiple Integration for Agricultural Machines on Single Platform


MOVE ON AgTech Cloud Platform, together with the hardware integrated into agricultural vehicles, transforms agricultural vehicles into smart devices that collect agricultural data that can be intervened remotely.

You Always Have Control Remotely

After becoming a member of MOVE ON AgTech Cloud Platform mobile application, remote connection of tractors, harvesters, drones and other agricultural vehicles can be made.


Wide Range of Products on a Single Platform


MOVE ON AgTech Cloud Platform integrates with agricultural vehicles and collects data from fields with TAS and TASAI kits.

MOVE ON AgTech Cloud Platform creates 2D and 3D images analyzing fields and plants by time series data with the agricultural data pool.

MOVE ON AgTech Cloud Platform creates recipes in line with the needs of the plant to be used in field operations such as fertilization and spraying.

You Track and Interfere Remotely

MOVE ON AgTech Cloud Platform allows the tractor to be managed by following the tractor with remote connection. It gives early warning by tracking the maintenance times of tractors.


Create And Manage Your Fleet


Field Satellite Monitoring

field analysis

MOVE ON AgTech Cloud Platform tracks satellite images of the field and produces results such as water stress, phosphorus analysis, yield maps.

MOVE ON AgTech Cloud Platform analyses soil and crops from satellite images.

field analysis via platform