TASAI is a level-4 Autonomous Tractor Kit that helps the tractor to do its job in the field by inference from camera images with AI software.

  • It can be applied to all tractors as a kit, regardless of the tractor.
  • It can stop the tractor in any problematic situation.
  • It enables remote intervention to the tractor via the cloud.
  • It analyzes the images in 23 milliseconds and extracts the route in real time. (average : ~ 30 FPS)
  • There are 2 different steering manipulation options within the scope of electromechanical integration; Hydrostatic and Electronic.
  • By minimizing the errors caused by the operator, it provides a return on investment in 1 year with a min 7% increase in efficiency on 130 decares and above land.



TASAI extracts routes from camera images with AI software, just like the operator can see with his eyes and steer the tractor by turning the steering wheel with his hands, in sowing and post-sowing processes of plants such as sugar beet, sunflower, corn, etc. and steer the tractor automatically with steering manipulation via electromechanical attachments.

  • It prevents problems such as overlapping, double planting and leaving uncultivated open space.
  • It gives warning by recognizing the obstacles in front of the tractor.
  • It provides optimal seed and fertilizer use.
  • It saves fuel and time.
  • It eliminates the need for skilled operators.

TASAI Autonomous Tractor Kit

  • Detects and distinguishes plants and weeds
  • Does spraying by seeing the plant.
  • Differs from green to green.
  • Reduces the rate of chemicals used in pesticides by 80%.
  • Increases efficiency by making pinpoint shots.
  • Connects with ISOBUS and VALF units.

TASAI – Autonomous Tractor Kit provides a dynamic system that sprays only the weeds or only the nutrients on the plant, thanks to the green-to-green extraction algorithms and the section control method.



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