MCP, MOVE ON AgTech Cloud, together with TAS and TASAI kits working in the field as an agriculture cloud platform, enables many agricultural vehicles such as drones, farms and satellites to be cloud-connected.

  • It’s an agricultural cloud platform solution.
  • It can store data in the cloud with TAS and TASAI kits working in the fields. And MAC provides remote access to tractors with TAS and TASAI kits.
  • It can make the data meaningful via the Agricultural Artificial Intelligence softwares.
  • It can integrate to drones and farm ERP softwares.
  • It can serve through Mobile Applications.
  • It can predict yield estimation.
  • It can make digital soil and plant analysis from satellite images.


MAC Mobile App

MCP can also offer its software as mobile applications.

  • Detecting an anomaly in the field,
  • Notifying the maintenance time of the tractors,
  • Seeing diseases on plants,
  • Distinguish the nutrients needed by plants,
  • Ability to remotely manage Tractor and Drone,

Many management such as can be done through mobile applications.

MCP Platform works with the method of interpreting camera images with artificial intelligence software.

  • Monitoring and analyzing the field and plant with satellite images.
  • Making sense of images with artificial intelligence.
  • Producing results such as disease detection and isolation on plants.
  • To be able to calculate the yield per unit area with the data collected.
  • To make predictions to the farmer about Fertilizer, Irrigation and Hoeing.
  • To be able to produce a yield map.

It provides the user with issues such as.

yield estimation


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